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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Prob. 1 hour away from beating this game.

The ONE gripe I have about this game, the single gripe! Is that Elizabeth's ability takes some tension out of the game. Idk how many of you are Best Friends Play fans like I am but that term they use "Boss Fountain" is taken to a little bit of an extreme because of the tears.

When I walk into a room and all of the sudden there are tons of tears giving me options, I know there's going to be a big fight. The fights are still hard as shit, and the AI builds tension by using their surroundings to get around you and stuff. A well trained eye could prob. guess anyway depending on the type of room you walk in BUT it's always fun not to be sure.

Which opponent do you guys have the most trouble with? My buddy was tellin me that he stuggles with the Patriots and I was like: "What? They're hella easy." I cannot figure out the Handyman! I die at least 3 times every time I face one. I haven't found a vigor/weapon combo that's effective, except for the whateverisinmyhand/runningtofindhealth.
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