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Default Re: Apprecation Thread: Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves

Damn, very well written description.
I noticed something though, Uncharted 3 > Uncharted 2. At first I said "no way" but after playing U3 a few more times, I don't enjoy U2 as much.

I know the story is a bit shorter and the ending seemed kind of rushed; but I now really appreciate the ambitious efforts ND put into U3. The story is deeper, and more mature. The villains look less cliche to me, and the new characters were terrific (in particular Cutter). The set-pieces were just the best of all-time. There were roughly 4-5 missions in U3 that were as good or better then the best mission in U2, IMO.

Uncharted 2 had a more immersed story though, with far better pacing. The journey seemed more grueling too. Uncharted 3 had better graphics, set-pieces, overall characters, and more intricate villains.

I'd easily have U2 and U3 as two of the top five games I have ever played on PS3/XBOX360. And yes Uncharted 3 (to me anyways) is better then Skyrim and Arkham City. Played both games, originally I felt like AC was superior but not anymore. I think the biggest reasons are the 12 subsequent patches ND released, that improved a lot of the problems I had with the game initially.

Actually, I enjoyed Skyrim a lot. Mass Effect 2 is my favorite RPG game ever, but Skyrim is right up there now.
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