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Default Re: Gary Payton is an NBA Legend

Originally Posted by c3z4r
btw killbot how did you cope with the departure of the sonics? I personally kinda lost my passion for watching basketball and stopped watching the nba as much as i used to do before for a while. I actually made my first account here in 07 but i deleted it when the whole sonics relocating drama was over and the thunder was the new team.

It was tough for me to cope with the Sonics leaving. Franchise has been here for 40-41 years and I enjoyed the little I-5 rivalry with the Trailblazers. Plus, Sonics just had a great star in Durant at the time with multiple picks and hired a former Spurs employee in Sam Presti; they find great talent. I tried to watch Sonics videos from the past and any mixes including the ones that created a tribute to the Sonics. That didn't help me much as I got depressed. I start reading forums like this one and Realgm by lurking and seeing what people think about their departure. A lot of posters, especially those from fans of other teams, were displeased by the news. They also defended the people of Seattle and tried to show ignorant posters that they were wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed reading those kind of posts. In a way, it brought me a little back to the NBA.

Along with that, Gary Payton expresses that he doesn't want his jersey retired by OKC and wants his jersey retired in the city of Seattle. His loyalty made me joyous. I went back to watching highlights of the good ol' Sonic days that included Payton in the highlights. Felt good for me this time as it made me excited about basketball again. Then, something hit me (mentally). Although the Sonics are gone, former Sonic players still exist.

Eventually, I decided to move on, knowing that they won't come back. What works best for me is to root for a current team other than OKC Thunder by picking a former Sonic player that brought momentary success to the Sonics. That player was Ray Allen. I chose the team he was in and rooted for him and the team. Seeing a former Sonic player succeeded in his goals and still remain a force was a temporary antidote in forgetting the Thunder. Like you, I became the fan of a player and then became a fan of the team.

Nowadays, it's getting much harder and harder to ignore the Thunder since they're doing so well. Their success still pains me. I keep thinking of "what could have been" scenarios. They made it into the past two postseasons and are projected into going to the NBA finals. Hurts me a lot. All I can do is root hard for the Celtics and hope the Thunder don't succeed, yet at the same time, root for Durant's success; he was picked by the Sonic players afterall.
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