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Default Re: Is James Worthy one of the most overrated players of all time?

Originally Posted by Lakerlove420
I feel that there is more under-rating(hating)
than over-rating Worthy. He is right where he should be.
In the top 50 All Time, number retired by Lakers,
and in my top 5 favorite players all time.

Versions of this thread come out all the time..sleeping
Why the hate for Worthy? The guy was not a scrub.
Why you try to make him out to be a Luke Walton type?

Fact: Worthy >>> Pierce
Fact: haters gonna hate.

Not sure I'd go that far Pierce is legendary in his own right but I don't see how a fan of the game can pose such a question if they haven't formed an opinion of said player?

Just because he cracks top 50 All-Time doesn't mean he's overrated. I mean look at how many great players aren't on the list to this day...It's obvious the list needs to be redone....

such as adding

Payton/Miller/Rodman/Wilkins/Ray Allen/Webber/Dirk/Mourning/Garnett/Wade/Lebron/Tim Duncan/Durant/Pierce/Kobe etc etc. when the list was made he deserved to be considered and make the list

I would like posters who make these kinds of threads to first define what makes players overrated, otherwise threads like these makes no sense.

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