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Titles are overrated
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Default Re: Is James Worthy one of the most overrated players of all time?

He was a better than average defensive player id so if only for his mobility at his size and the effort he would put in for the right matchups.

And I wouldnt call him overrated at all. Too many people are barely aware of his impact on those teams. He was the halfcourt down the stretch go to guy by the late 80s. He never had numbers and Magic personally gift wrapped him like 12 points a game but some credit must be given for his ability to run the floor and his hands and finishing ability.

He was as held back by the talent he played with as he was made to look good I believe. He only played like 1-2 healthy months as a franchise player.

But he showed me all I needed to see. Im not gonna call him overrated for buying into his team and playing a role to win. I dont buy for a second that if you put him on his spot and feed like like Nique, Dantley, and King types got that he wouldnt do numbers.

But it just wasnt gonna happen. And he was fine with it.
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