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Arrow The Official Russia Witch Hunt Thread

too much breaking news hit all at once. pointless to make a new thread for every one. just gonna dump it all here.

1) Veselnitskaya, Russian in Trump Tower Meeting, Is Charged in Case That Shows Kremlin Ties

^many people are saying this may compel her to cooperate with the sdny and by extension, all the feds including the special counsel.

2) redaction errors by defense lawyers reveal- paulie manafort was feeding internal polling data to and discussing ukraine plans with russian intelligence officers.

Natasha Bertrand

Things we learned today from Manafort's lawyers' redaction errors: Manafort is alleged to have met in Madrid w/Kilimnik; shared polling data with him; and discussed a Ukraine peace plan w/him more than once. Is that the same peace plan that Cohen delivered to Flynn in Jan 2017?

3) a still unnamed foreign state owned entity that was trying to avoid a subpoena by muells took their case all the way to the supreme court. they got denied.

NBC Politics

JUST IN: US Supreme Court rejects appeal from an unidentified company in a foreign country that was seeking to escape a grand jury subpoena that is widely assumed to be sought by Special Counsel Mueller's prosecutors.

"The administrative stay previously entered ... is vacated."

^said company will either have to cooperate or pay hefty fines indefinitely.

disclaimer: all of this was only about adoptions.
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