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Default Re: LeBron James tackles fan after half-court shot

Originally Posted by sixer6ad
It used to never take a championship for him to demonstrate pure joy and love of the game. He used to do it every night.

The comment is based on the reality that since the decision his life has been scrutinized and torn apart daily.

This hug, and this smile, had nothing to do with holding a trophy or bowing down to receive a gold medal. That was my point.

As I've always said...none of you were didn't experience all think Cleveland is a piece of shit and that nobody could have a life here...but I have total comfort that you just don't know.

The look on his face, rolling around on the floor, reminded me of the kid I watched nightly before everyone - including me - began hating me.

Your life sounds depressing. The way you write is almost too poetic in a disturbing way, as if accepting of something. Very bothersome.

Its basketball. A game. Cheer up. The Heat is all you post about. Find a hobby.
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