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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by NumberSix
Who am I to say there's a ref conspiracy? I have no knowledge of their staff meetings or discussions. I have no evidence to claim that I know what they do or don't do behind closed doors. All I can go by is what I see for myself. I can tell you what I see take place, but I can't speak to the motivations or reasons for it. I can tell you that I see Durant getting officiated unusually softly, but I can't speculate why.

And you think Durant has nothing to do with it that means the refs ref Durant differently than other players for no reason.

How do you not see what I'm saying? Think about it. You have different refs, reffing different games, with different defenses and players, different scenarios...etc.

And Durant continues to shoot his free throw rate. So either the refs have chosen to give him softer calls...or he does something to warrant more trips to the line.

You watching the games is worth something, but it's also extremely limited because you don't watch every second of every game of Durant, Harden, Kobe, Melo, Lebron..etc.

So it's a limited analysis and prone to confirmation bias.
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