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Default Re: Things Kobe-haters say

Originally Posted by swag2011
Why the f*ck are you bringing up Lebron, dang what does he have to do with this thread at all? YALL are the main ones always wanting to start a kobe/lebron fan war. Sad yall are threatened by a dude 34 years old, out of his prime. Sorry Kobe didn't play in a weak ass eastern conference where you only gotta play 1 50+ win team to get to the finals. Kobe never played any .500 teams to get in the playoffs.

Shaq was so dominant right? Then why didn't his dominant a$$ win something until Kobe became a full starter in the NBA?

Pau Gasol-no playoff wins till teamed up with kobe. have a seat.

Lamar Odom- Inconsistent, but he was a great big man.

Solid role players? Have another seat.

Dwight and Nash wanted to come play with KOBE. They both called Kobe and wanted to play with HIM. The fact that the Lakers organization feels they can still build a team around a 34 year old who's out of his prime says something doesn't it?

In 01, Kobe averaged 29/7/6 on .469% shooting in the playoffs. This past year Lebron averaged 30/9/5 on .500% shooting in the playoffs. Clearly not that far apart at all, yet Kobe was carried b/c he didn't win the FMVP. Not saying Kobe's playoff run was BETTER, just showing how hypocritical you're being.

But I know damn well, you don't consider Magic to be carried to 2 of his rings since he didn't win FMVP do ya? You don't consider Kareem to be carried to 4 of his rings? You don't consider Shaq and Duncan to be carried to their last rings do you?

Is Kobe lucky? Maybe, but not anymore than any other all time great. They've ALL had great players around them at some point in time and that's a fact. Only Kobe gets criticized for it. And yall wonder why his stans overrate him.
Sit down.

Lebron stans/kobe haters scrambling for cover.
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