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Default Re: Unforgettable moments in your basketball life.

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I made a gif of one of my most unforgettable basketball moments. This was my teammate during my sophomore year. His playing time was sparse, then he was told to check in late, only to be pulled back due to a change in the game situation. His response:

I have many I could put here, but I'll just mention my favorite (or least favorite, depending how you look at it)

From my Senior year. Playing a team clearly better than us that we played two times already and lost convincingly both times. Game starts and I start out hot, hit my first couple threes then everything starts opening up. I'm getting the lane and getting and-1's, draining jumpers, had a couple nice dishes. I would say one of my offensive weaknesses is the mid-range jumper but even that was falling left and right. We finished the first half and score was something like 44-44 with me having 26 of my teams points.

I come out third quarter, ready to keep it going, but only about a minute in a rebound came off the rim, the lane was clogged with 4-5 people around the basket area, I'm right in the middle battling for the rebound when all of a sudden it feels like someone grabbed tight and yanked on my arm about as hard they possibly could. I've never felt that much pain from anything on the basketball court before. My elbow received the most pain, I assume it was a hyper extension. I had to come out of the game immediately, had a teammate's mother look it over and she had an elbow brace left over from a former injury her son had. I popped it on, was still feeling a lot of pain but could at least move my elbow/arm up and down so I figured let's give it a couple minutes and maybe get back in the game.

By the time I get to look at the score, it was 70-50 or something of the sort with the third winding down. I told my coach at the beginning of the fourth to put me back in, so he did but I was out there basically playing on one arm. I underestimated the amount of power needed in your elbow to dribble with your left or even bring the ball above your head to get in your proper shooting motion. I bricked a couple one armed shots before coming back out and surely only helped to our eventual demise. We ended up losing by 30+ and I felt terrible that I couldn't do anything about it. Especially considering how tight it was when I was in the game and performing, to this day I wonder if they were trying to get me out of the game or if it was just an unfortunate accident but either way, I wonder how that one would have turned out if I kept playing.
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