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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

I'm averagin 43 ppg 12 apg 8 topg on HOF now. I don't think I'll continue this career because I'm trying to get realistic stats and realistic results but it's too hard to do so. I don't wanna win the MVP in my rookie year. I was gonna play key games only but there's a glitch that will send me to the bench again. Should I key game it?

I just created an offline My Career on a different user. Tyler Clark, an SG drafted 9th by Detroit. Tyler Clark was also the name of my first My Player in 2K12 when the rookies were not yet in the game. Currently on my 2nd season and gonna try to finish the second half of the season as a starter so I can just explode on my 3rd season. I scored 40+ on my last 4 games, 3 are key games Maybe playing SG will help me get realistic stats.
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