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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

I'm in my 5th season as PG (athletic) for the Kings. I got drafted by Mavs, got starting spot later in 2nd season as I was playing only key games most of the time. They didn't want to offer me new contract which is ok, because they suck
Out of the teams interested I picked the Kings because they had weakest PG (Jack) and I got the starting spot pretty soon. Team was doing pretty good and in the meantime I upgraded my player by much, especially 3pt shooting. Cousins and Tyreke are beasts, Robinson is pretty good, they drafted some SF guy who's athletic as ****, dunks everything and also had Carter and Allen off the bench. Lost 4-3 to OKC in WCF, when Durant goes crazy ain't no stopping him...
Next year my player is finally respectable in all aspects of the game, yet I **** up and press play next key game while close to playoffs and end up playing 4th game against the Lakers (they led 3-0) and losing 4-2 in the first round.
Now in my 5th season I'm playing most of games, not only key ones and averaging 26/7 on 50%+ FG and 3pt. My rebounding is pathetic because Cousins and Robinson get every ball. Best record in the league halfway through the season and I'm leading candidate for MVP.

Today I decided to break some records and made quarters 12 mins. We played against Raps and I scored 79 points 22-46 from 3pt, after the game I get twitter message form David Robinson and it says something about me scoring 72. I checked the game boxscore and it really says 72 on 15-31 from 3pt, game score was 126-110 and calculated player points are 119 (obviously 7 of my points are missing). Something like that happened to anyone?
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