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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by Kungfro

The Katawa Shoujo demo that came out a while ago was the first VN I ever played, I remember being pleasantly surprised by the quality. After that I read Saya no Uta and Yume Miru Kusuri, and that's about all the VN's I've read. Those two are really good though, if you're interested in another VN you should give those 2 a shot. I think Saya no Uta only took 3-4 hours to finish completely.

Currently I'm working through Lost Odyssey. I remember seeing a friend playing it years ago and thought it looked interesting, never did get it though. Finally picked it up in gamestop a few months ago, and started playing it a couple weeks ago. Really liking it so far, has a really good story.

Eh sounds about right. I didn't care too much for the last two tales.

I might look one of those up actually, since I sort of want to refrain from buying a new game until I get my hands on SSX or ME3.
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