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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
I think if blacks were predispositioned to become better basketball players due to race than Africa would be the hotbed of basketball talent that Europe in reality is.

Blacks dominate American basketball because so many black Americans played the game daily from a young age and they advanced further and more quickly in their development. The type of game played in the inner city is an athletic one, so black players adopt this style of play, the same way a kid from Indiana is a great shooter because he grew up shooting all day.

White players more and moe are beginning to play the athletic game nowadays, whereas in the past white players were more likely to frown upon showboating and relying on talent as oppose to skill.

It is a facile analogy to assume blacks are predispositioned to be better players, because it is a cultural phenomenon that makes them more dominant not race. You used the Aisan student analogy as well, when you probably know East Asian schools have much stricter standards in math and science than North American ones and East Asian families place a higher emphasis on study. A lot of Asian students struggle in liberal arts programs.

Culturally determined, not racially

Agree... ..I learned most of that in Sociology 101, race doesnt excist yet its still an issue. As more cultures embrace the game of Basketball, more cultures will continue to develop and produce NBA caliber players. Nash is Canadian and Dirk is German, so they dont even fall under the stereo typical "American White Guy". If anything, this is just further evidence that WE (as Americans) dont dominate the sport as we once did.

Its not a Black and White issue,

Its a US and International issue.
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