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Originally Posted by JMEWLS
why is it wierd that 2 white players are leading the 2best teams in the league, why does race always have to be involved when it comes to sport? its all about skill, not your race

because you'd have to be naiive or live in Brady Bunch world to not know the fact that "Black people are better natural athletes than any other race". Meaning in a sport where athletism plays such a big key, it's natural for Black people to dominate. In this day and age for two White guys to be the clear cut best player/leader of the two best teams in the league... it IS rare. It's not racism, it's not looking down on White people, it's realistic to go "wow who woulda expected this"

Kinda like if UC Berkeley suddenly announces that more Blacks and Mexicans made the school this year than Asians... it would be realistic to go "Wow". It wouldn't make anyone a racist.

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