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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by niko
Saying Isiah brought in more talent is stupid. I did read, in no way should Isiah be lauded for bringing in more talent. He brought in almost universally flawed players and players who did not fit with other players. If Grunwald's overriding principle was to bring in simply talent with no rhyme or reason of how it fit then he could upgrade the talent and win less games. just like Isiah did. isiah got Zach Randolph when the Knicks had literally nowhere to play him. That is a "talent" upgrade. And all his talent had shit attitudes. We have more role players filling their roles than probably in all the time Isiah was here combined. We had Marbury, let's get Francis. Crawford too. We had Van Horn filling his role nicely, shipped him out for Tim Thomas. Again, better talent, stupid trade. Isiah also never looked at cap implications.

Is this a title winning team? No, but at least there is a cohesive thought process in what is being done. Don't fire anyone, keep the course and see what happens. If you constantly recycle in new people you never go anywhere or accomplish anything.

Just wait and have some patience. Knick fans look for reasons to be unhappy.

Your second sentence proves you misread what everyone is saying. He isn't being "lauded" for anything. What everyone is saying is, he brought in a bunch of talent. None of it was cohesive. As Rameek said, he was just getting guys for the sake of getting guys. Nobody fit. All we are saying is, talent wise, Grunwald hasn't put this team together well at all. Thomas failed miserably, but it wasn't for lack of effort. Grunwald's moves have just been lazy/ For instance, I believe today is the last day to waive someone. What are we keeping Rasheed Wallace for?
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