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Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
I started Tomb Raider. So far so good, but with the holiday busy-ness starting I haven't devoted much time to it.

How was Mafia III. Did you preorder RE&?

I finally got to start Tomb Raider over the long weekend, and even just playing a little bit, boy did it fall right back into place. I'm actually looking forward to it. And I didn't even get anywhere.

I never even started Mafia. Just hearing it was so grating. The dialogue was brutal. Hopefully Watch Dogs is something I can get to later.

No pre-order of RE for me just yet either. I'd like to see more on it. I'm very concerned because it doesn't look like an RE game to me. Plus it's First Person, which is a huge turn off for me.

I've actually started RE0 recently with my niece, and would like to get back to that. Just finding out about the lack of storage boxes recently though really turned me off. I've actually hoarded so much stuff that I can't even put it all down in one room.

I also just finished Life is Strange, which was a really unique experience. So much of it is cringeworthy, but in the end it's a really well crafted story with a unique play mechanic. I'm glad I played it.

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