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Default Re: Andre Drummond Snubbed

In my eyes he has more impact on the game than Hibbert, but not Noah...

Hibbert is severely overated because he is good at protecting the rim and that is pretty much it. The Pacers have the best defense due to a number of reasons, him being one, but definitely gets a lot of help from the scheme they have in place...

Drummond impacts the game with every single possession he has. He is so active, so athletic, and is only just starting to understand that if he throws his weight around no one can stop him...

I totally understand why he wasn't included on the team as a big part of the all-star criteria is based on team success. So Hibbert is a no brainer. Best defender on the best team deserves a spot.

I would argue Drummond over Noah though purely because the Bulls are struggling and Noah had a very slow start to the year... But not too angry at this selection either..

Next year will be Dre's year, no doubt...
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