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Default Re: How many of you DIDN'T like Jordan?

Originally Posted by Lakerfan1-Iceland
I newer was a fan of his, i didnt like the hype and everything about him.
Also i was a Laker and Magic fan and Jordans playing stile didnt appeal to me he was selfish,egotistical and generally just unlikable.

But thats when i was a kid,90-95 10-15 years old you dont know **** and are ignorent as hell at that age.
But i started to respect him more and more and no doupt he is among the greatest ever.
But this over the top IDOLIZATION people have of him(and any other superstar for that matter) i wont ever understand.

I hate it when people are so on his **** that they fail to recognice that ANYONE wil ever become a better player, or refuse to believe ANYTHING negative about this man.
For instance when he is mentioned as a good teamate and a player who made other players around him better like say Bird,Magic and Isiah did is a load of bull.

He did not make his teamates better, his game did not revolve around that, he was a scorer and a wery wery wery sore loser who had a great all around player in pippen with him along with great coaching staff and management who put the right type of players around him.

He is no doupt among the all time greatest, top 3 definatly i think but there is NO nba player Perfect and Jordan was FAR from perfect!
i think you could say that about magic and thomas too (maybe not bird who was crazy adjustable to talent), but if you look at magic's most successful years, he always had the same basic set-up in teammates: fast fowards and athletic guards with good js, scoring centers in the half-court and good defenders off the bench. jordan on the other hand had vastly different supporting casts between his two championship teams. i've gone over this a ton of times, but i'll just say harper, rodman, longley, and kukoc are totally different players than paxson, grant, cartwright, and bj - different strengths, different games, different everything. the offense and defense changed dramatically (as did michael's skills), but he & scottie 3-peated with both.

in terms of the concept of "making others better" no one actually does that except maybe in practice. jordan probably made his teammates better by challenging them in practice and keeping their competitiveness and concentration high (and there was an interesting video that came out in 2001 that showed how much of scottie's game was move for move taken from mj. very cool to see them side by side). but jordan didn't make paxson a better jumpshooter any more than magic made scott one. what they both did was to remove other responsibilities from those players so they could focus on just doing their jobs (playing their role if you will). was magic a better passer? sure. did he help his running teammates more than mj would have? definitely. they both tended to off balance the defense in the half court and create easy swing and post opportunities for their centers. they both tended to draw traps in the high post and make great dump down passes to big guys. jordan was better at getting into the paint and drawing backline help to open the offensive boards for his bigs. he was also able to switch from pg to sg to sf on defense allowing pjax to play guys like paxson or kukoc out of position without getting burned for it defensively (which is the same luxury that michael cooper gave the lakers).

imo the way a player makes others better is by simplifying the game and allowing them to concentrate on their strengths and not have to play to their weaknesses. jordan did this as well as anyone in the 90s. in the 80s he tried to do too much and didn't even allow his teammates to get involved sometimes, but under pjax he was a brilliant teammate.

anyway i respect the fact that you got over your dislike of mj to respect him. i had to do the same thing for magic and isiah because i grew up a bulls / celts fan and despised them both, but now i can say without question that magic is the GOAT PG and isiah is very high on the list. i actually like magic now (pretty much came around on him during the olympics) but i'm not a big fan of his announcing.
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