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Default Re: How many of you DIDN'T like Jordan?

Originally Posted by Lakerfan1-Iceland
I newer was a fan of his, i didnt like the hype and everything about him.
Also i was a Laker and Magic fan and Jordans playing stile didnt appeal to me he was selfish,egotistical and generally just unlikable.

But thats when i was a kid,90-95 10-15 years old you dont know **** and are ignorent as hell at that age.
But i started to respect him more and more and no doupt he is among the greatest ever.
But this over the top IDOLIZATION people have of him(and any other superstar for that matter) i wont ever understand.

I hate it when people are so on his **** that they fail to recognice that ANYONE wil ever become a better player, or refuse to believe ANYTHING negative about this man.
For instance when he is mentioned as a good teamate and a player who made other players around him better like say Bird,Magic and Isiah did is a load of bull.

He did not make his teamates better, his game did not revolve around that, he was a scorer and a wery wery wery sore loser who had a great all around player in pippen with him along with great coaching staff and management who put the right type of players around him.
He is no doupt among the all time greatest, top 3 definatly i think but there is NO nba player Perfect and Jordan was FAR from perfect!

Wow, uhhh..... I don't know what reality your living in but Jordan wasn't just a scorer, and he did make his teammates better. Pippen would not be THE Pippen if it wasn't for Jordan, and it goes the other way too. But to say he is just a scorer is just ignorance to the true beauty of his game, and that is he controlled every aspect. We idolize him because he is Michael, the GOAT.
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