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Default Re: Is it a coincidence? (Pau, Odom, Bynum)

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Both Odom and Gasol were already awesome players without Kobe. Bynum hasn't played a game yet without Kobe so we just don't know.


What are the above numbers you ask? You guessed it...the averages of Gasol and Odom the year before they both joined the Lakers.

But yea...they are nothing without Kobe.

numbers dont mean much without context, what were they fighting for? gasol was 0-12 in playoffs games without kobe, thats 3 SWEEPS in a row, now you can add another one for 0-16, thats a far more telling number if you ask me...ok, mem was a bad team with pau as a whole, but not able to win 1 game?
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