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Default Re: Lebron vs Hakeem.

Originally Posted by UnbiasedGuy
I think it is silly to arbitrarily assign ring values such as "kobes first three rings only count as one, therefore he has 3" or "leref 0.5 rings "

To claim something such as lebrons 3 rings = 1 hakeem ring is just straight up silly. If thats the case, then how many hakeem-rings does kobe have? How many does Jordan have?

If you would click the two links, you will see that, for the duration of the playoffs, Lebron's performance relative to his teammates is very similar to hakeens performance. Lets not act like It was Hakeem + scrubs. I wonder if in many years from now, people will view bosh+wade in the same vain as Hakeem's teammates?

Back to back FMVPs, along with 4 MVPs in 5 years secures Lebron in the top 10

/End Thread. LeBron will be a top 7-8 player of all time after this season.

4x MVP and 2x Finals MVP Club ( Best player in the NBA Finals)

Michael Jordan - 5x MVP, 6x Finals MVP
Kareem Abdul Jabbar - 6x MVP, 2x Finals MVP
Wilt Chamberlain - 4x NBA MVP, and 2x Finals MVP
Bill Russell - 5x NBA MVP, possibly 8 or 9 Finals MVP
LeBron will be a part of this group if he wins another Finals MVP.
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