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Default Re: Lebron vs Hakeem.

Originally Posted by ripthekik
lol.. good attempt, at least you aren't copy-pasting or just saying "this" to other people's posts. But how does it answer my argument?

I said Lebron can have a bad game, bad quarter here and there, and it would go unnoticed. Heat would eventually still win, because they have Wade and Bosh to step up, and this year other role players too.

Hakeem doesn't haven't that luxury. Every single playoff game, he had to play it like Boston Game 6 for Lebron. Now do you see what I'm talking about? If he had an off game, they were losing. Who else could they depend on?

That's why Hakeem's 1 ring will trump 2 or 3 of Lebron's. His ranking is still higher in my book.

Both Wade and Bosh weren't 100% healthy in the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Bosh missed a lot of games in the post season. LeBron was Miami's best player in the first round up to the NBA Finals.

How many times Hakeem's team were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs?
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