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Default Re: Welcome Brandon Jennings !!!

I laughed at after the Utah game when a reporter asked him if he prefered diming or scoring , and he said dimin' because he has done it back when he was in High School and he wanted to show people he still has it

Bottom line is = does he realize he is more effective when he does become a PG looking to pass and becoming a 3rd option

His team plays better and as a reporter made a statement to him , your doing a Kobe , and he just broke out laughing.

The Bucks I think are more than willing to keep Ellis and gumby if they play this way ... and with Ridick in the equation , it makes for interesting contract talks.

Needless to say , unless they fall on their faces, the Bucks are locked for the 8th seed , but if they hit their stride I could see them be the 6th.
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