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Default Re: The Saga Of Greek Cup Final 2013

Originally Posted by AirTupac
Typical thugs / classless people. How do they expect to pay for those damages? Greece can barely afford water at this point.

They won't be worried about it. 3 years ago the same thing happened, only at Olympiacos' arena and during the Greek League finals.

The fans ripped out chairs and threw them on the court, set fires off in the stands, burned down a concession area, burned down a restaurant, AND they took sledgehammers to marble in many places of the arena and ruined it and threw the pieces of marble on the court.....

AND they ripped toilets and sinks out of the bathroom and kitchen areas and threw them on the court..............

The fans didn't have to pay for damages. Instead the owners of Olympiacos were made to pay it. It was something like €8.5 million euros.

So the fans are not worried about having to pay for this, using that previous incident as an example. But at least when that happened before, the refs stopped the game and series. They didn't let it continue and escalate.

Letting this continue in this game and escalate to players being injured is just too much.
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