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Default Re: Dwight Howard has EIGHT children with SIX different women

Originally Posted by wakencdukest
How about using condoms. Jesus Christ, he don't wear condoms and his hoes don't take the pill. Way to live up to the stereotype. Guaranteed most of them end up being raised by grandmothers because Dwight won't be around and the mothers are probably idiots and will squander the child support.

You not realizing these women are getting pregnant on purpose. It was no accident, you don't have the child of a multi-millionaire by accident. You plan it out to secure child support payments for the next 18 years. If Dwight was a janitor, most if not all of these pregnancies would have been aborted. Dwights an idiot don't get me wrong, but these women are abusing the double standard in our laws that allow them the choice of when to become parents and deny men that choice.

Further realistically speaking Dwight isnt going to burn through 150+ million dollars. Most of the pro athletes that go broke burn through like 20-50 million (I know there are exceptions, Eg. walker, tyson, etc). These kids will have all of their financial needs taken care of. The courts will ensure that. Eg. go to private school, tutors, etc.

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