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Default Re: Drazen Petrovic appreciation thread!

Originally Posted by brain drain
He was an amazingly efficient scorer (60.5 TS% in his last season), but he got rather few rebounds, not that many assists and comparatively many turnovers.

And for my taste he took too few 3 pointers for the kind of accuracy he had. His two last seasons were 3.4 and 2.4 3pa, shooting 44% of them.
Ray Allen for example has 5.9 3pa as his career average.

All things considered, the three wasn't considered a huge weapon until the line was shortened in '95, after which the NBA fell in love with it, even when the line was unshortened.

Europe discovered the use of the three before teams in the States, though. But overall, players took fewer threes then. Today, he would almost definitely take closer to 5 threes a game.

Edit: And if he played for the Nets today? Can you imagine having him in one corner and Joe Johnson on the wing (or vice versa) while D-will runs a PnR with Brook? Who do you help off of?

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