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Default Re: Drazen Petrovic appreciation thread!

Originally Posted by Djahjaga
I'm from Kosovo. My dad still talks about Petrovic all the time. It's a bit hard to take him seriously at times because he refuses to admit Drazen's faults. Any takers? What were the deficiencies in his game?.

He was an amazingly efficient scorer (60.5 TS% in his last season), but he got rather few rebounds, not that many assists and comparatively many turnovers.

And for my taste he took too few 3 pointers for the kind of accuracy he had. His two last seasons were 3.4 and 2.4 3pa, shooting 44% of them.
Ray Allen for example has 5.9 3pa as his career average.

On top of that, his efficiency dropped badly in the playoffs and his last playoff run was really horrible.

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