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Default Re: Drazen Petrovic appreciation thread!

Originally Posted by julizaver
Two years ago I have made a H2H of D. Petrovic against other SG (Jordan, Drexler, Dumars, Miller, Starks and so on) from early 90s. I took his final two seasons with NETS, because in his first two he was part time player with Blazers (after his 91 midseason move to NETS his playing time increase to 20 mpg, but still not sufficient and he did not started in any of the games till the end of the season).

So in his last two seasons he has better numbers than everybody except Jordan and Drexler in his H2H meetings. He generally outplayed Reggie Miller also, who is the closest one to him. In fact he kicked his ass in some games.
I have also read an old article in which Reggie said of Drazen at the time and called him bad trash talker with an accent. And there was an info about how Drazen said to Reggie that he will make 3 consecutive shots over him and saying how exactly it will happen and he did it. Thats why Reggie consider him his all time nemezis and better shooter than him. Vary sad Drazen career was cut short by that terible incident in Germany. He was in his prime years and my personal view is that he could eclipse his numbers (had he stay alive or in NBA, since there were rumors of him moving to Greece dutring the summer he died).

About duels with Jordan (Bulls games, not Olympics) I noticed in youtube video that Drazen was guarded more often by Pippen, not Jordan and he scored a lot of his points outplaying Pippen and going for a lay up rather than scoring from outisde.

Drazen was a hard cover because he was always moving (like Reggie and Hornaceck) and like them was very elusive and smart. You had to respect his shot, and he knew that. He used every inch to get an open look and could hit shots off balance, on the run, floaters, you name it. But he was just deceiving with his quickness. Even when you watch footage of him playing, he doesn't look quick per se, yet he got the step on people once they closed on him. It's the type of player you hate to guard because he's efficient in his play. To me he reminded me of that guy that shows up half drunk, smoking a cigarette while playing, looks out of shape, is strong as an ox, can't jump, can't move, but yet manages to drop 30 points with ease with everybody screaming "switch switch!!!" with every touch.
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