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Default Re: Is James Worthy one of the most overrated players of all time?

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
Yep, but you are forgetting the fact that Detroit had to trade him to get over the hump and win their first championship.

They saw him as the weak link and an impediment to winning it all.

Kind of puts a damper on his statistical glory, which came much easier in the 80s, and especially in the regular season.

Dantley was on the downside of his career when he was playing with the Pistons. He was still an efficient shooter, but his scoring had dropped considerably by the time he was in Detroit, and his career was basically over after the Pistons traded him.

And you certainly couldn't fault him for Detroit not winning the title in '88. Dantley averaged 21.3 ppg on .573 shooting from the floor, and .859 from the line (and he was BY FAR, the Pistons leading scorer from the line.)

And given the fact that the Lakers were wiped out by injuries in the '89 Finals, I think AD would have won a title with that team.

Having said all of that, Dantley was a pure scorer, and arguably the most efficient non-center scorer in NBA history. And he even had a couple of seasons of 4.0+ apg, as well. Still, he was not a good rebounder, nor a good defender.

I haven't taken the time to determine where Dantley would rank all-time, but only Kareem can claim a 30+ ppg season on .570 shooting. And AD had four seasons of 30+ ppg on .558+ shooting. Not even Kareem can make that claim.
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