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Default Re: The official jlauber and Wilt Chamberlain thread

Originally Posted by Raz
I have been reading jlauber's posts over the years, and for a perceived homer, he does offer a lot of good history.

I have no business commenting on any basketball pre-1989. All I have watched before then is old game tapes. Ask me anything about the 90's and I'll ramble on and on for hours.

jlauber, I was wondering if you could give us some insight into your age, did you see Wilt in person, and how you formulate your posts? I know there are a lot of posters here who may be uneducated about you and they assume you copy and paste text. I'm altogether quite sure you do a lot of typing, but have sources ready for quotes etc.

I just wanted to say, that even though you're a big Wilt fan, I'm glad that you're on ISH and sharing all this history with us all.

Raz (Ced)

jlauber does hit on some very good points and does his research but by some of the comments he's made I don't think he ever saw him play during his career......I could be wrong

I am a Wilt fan and have joined jlauber in defending against the bashers.
My basketball viewership began in 1960 when the Lakers first moved to LA, my dad bought season tickets and we would stay around after to get autographs, it was extremely easy back then. I'm more of a Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Gail Goodrich fan than a Wilt fan, hey they were in LA first.
My hatred of the Celtics dates back to those days......they ruined my childhood
Because of those days I never wear green.
It's been good to finally get some revenge with Magic & Kobe.

I can tell you, the sensational.....seemingly impossible stories of Wilt are true, just like jlauber says.
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