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Default Re: MJ's divorce may cost him 168 million dollars.

It's easy for us thousandaires to discuss if I had or she had 2-5 mil we would be set for life.
Bottom line is when you have change in your pocket it becomes nothing.
Same goes with Millionaires's a wad of cash is just change , but a higher level.
A friend got sued and had to cough up 1/4 of a mil. \
What's the big deal I ask , you got ton's of cash.
He said - 1/4 mil is still a lot of money !!

Jordan doesn't have 10 mil or 100 mil , he has lot's of big money.
He was married a long time , and whether she would be comfortable with her life style at 50 mil or 170 mil is besides the point.
Where they married it was the law , and who is it to say , that Mike didn't want her to be comfortable for the rest of her life ?

If the divorce was on the up and up ... no bickering , you have to say Mike is first class in all ways.


The only question I would have is who is going to support the kids for the rest of their lifes ?? :
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