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Default Re: Report: Myck Kabongo to SUSPENDED for the ENITRE NCAA season

Originally Posted by Burgz V2


I'm from Toronto, I've played with his cousins and seen Myck himself play many times in person. he's a great talent and will make a solid pg in the NBA.

all i gotta say is he should have surrounded himself with better people to prevent this from happening, but i cant believe the agent's in these situations walk away unscathed.

no $$$ were even exchanged. the workout itself is being considered a impermissible benefit. The by-laws are so vague, next thing you know you're gonna have bans for players getting a ride to practice.

it's time to pay these players. Myck is a talent that is going to be sorely missed from this season's college schedule, they are only hurting themselves with this decision


No $$$ was exchanged except for that which will now not go into Kabongo's bank account. He was projected to go around 20th overall in this draft, now he has dropped to mid-second round. That is a serious loss of $$$.

Good thing the NCAA always does right by their student athletes.

F*cking joke.
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