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Default Re: Report: Myck Kabongo to SUSPENDED for the ENITRE NCAA season

Originally Posted by ace23
at the NCAA's dumb ass rules. I've read that athletes are not even allowed to get work experience during the summer. Not 100% sure that that's the case, though.

Can he not come back next year?

he wont. his draft stock has as big a range as anyone. he is probably one of the quickest, if not the quickest, pg prospects in this years draft, he just doesnt know how to run a team yet. his final draft stock will be decided during the workout phase of the draft, he might go overseas and play until then, that would get him good playing experience and a chance to run a pro team

the final verdict is not in yet so we wont know if he can return next year. if he cannot that would make more sense than allowing him to come back. by accepting benefits the suspension in essence is suppose to punish him for foregoing his amateur status. if they let him play again, what exactly are they punishing him for then???

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