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Default Dwight Howard will dominate 2013-2014 easily.

It is like the first 7 years of his career were completely forgotten. Annual all-star, rebounding leader, 3x DPOY, averages an 18/13/2(b) for career and a 20/14/3 for the playoffs. He took a finals team of backcourt jump and three point shooters to the finals (not saying they weren't good, but that team without him is a second round exit at best). Then all the drama, all the stupid shit, him just being a tool in general, and people overlook the fact that he had a back surgery that his doctor said should have been career ending...he still puts up 17/12/2.5 in the regular season in a toxic environment placed under broken management and a coach trying to run a system completely unfitting for him.

Yes, maybe he should have toughened up. Yes, maybe he acted like a bitch at times. And no, I do not think Kobe can be blamed for the lack of chemistry between them.

But now he is at a team where he fits in much better as a player working under the mentorship of two of the greatest post-players of all time with a young core, is in much better health, and with championships rather than money in his mind. He has a lot to prove, but no doubt he will do it. I say Houston wins a championship by 2016.
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