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Default Re: Is it me or does espn suck now

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Overall, I sometimes feel as if sports isn't meant to be covered 24/7. Sometimes, it's too much. Also, I'm sick and tired of debate shows.
With ESPN's current format, I feel you. If a network came around devoted to the idea of sport though? As in, all sports? I think there'd be more than enough content.

However, as we know, that doesn't seem likely, ever. I think ESPN was more of a true sports network in the 90's and prior than they are now. Yes, they showed tractor pull events, Australian rules football, and Billiards, but those were still (mostly) sports and even though I'm not always a fan of those corners of athletics, it created a better sense of ESPN being a sports hub than what we see today.

Basically, I think it used to be a network that'd show a little bit of many different sports. Now we're fed a ton on a very little amount of parts of sports. The mission statement has clearly changed. At one point, there seemed to be a little more emphasis on the essence of sports and when that's the case, there's a lot more worthwhile programming that comes along with it.
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