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Default Re: Kings trying to move Marcus Thornton

Thornton has the skill. He scored like 23 his first game coming off the bench this season. Hell, he was scoring double digits every game he came off the bench I think, even 12 pts the last game he played. He can shoot when in rhythm, play passing lanes, is great in transition, etc. Jimmer just got the chance b/c he's a different type of player the Kings needed. Jimmer has the drive, energy, positivity, etc. This has nothing to do w/ Thornton's skill but his personality and attitude instead (which isn't toxic, it just doesn't fit Malone's style).

That being said, I say Kings just try to get a 2nd rnd pick for him. W/ the new rotation, the synergy and chemistry on the team is REAL nice. I'd say try to get a shot-blocker but N'Diaye looks to be able to fill that role w/ some more practice.

Btw, andremiller, didnt I say just wait for Prince Luc to get more PT?
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