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Default Re: Is there a worse starting wing combo than Salmons and Thornton?

as of right now, probably not.

I was just thinking, Kings need McLemore to hurry up and develop to a top-level scorer if Thornton is going to play like he has been. The starters rely way too much on Cousins. They need a definitive 2nd scorer in that starting line-up (and keep Isaiah on the bench, he's such a great spark plug).

I've been calling for Prince Luc to start over Salmons and he's been getting more PT gradually since his return. Outlaw has been a big surprise to me. Either way, Outlaw or Prince Luc should start over Salmons (I'd say Outlaw would be better off the bench as a spark plug).

As for Thornton?
Originally Posted by Haymaker
I believe Thornton is one of those players that would benefit from a change of scenery. I'd love him on our Spurs' second unit. If nothing else, he's a good scorer. He just needs to get out of Sac.
Yeah, I think he's just mentally worn out. Sharing time w/ Tyreke for a couple years and now having to warm the SG seat for McLemore. You can tell he's not into it at all. He'd flourish on a team where is role is 100% defined. Kind of like when he was the definitive starter while Tyreke was injured.

McLemore has shown signs of elite ability, but is inconsistent. But given Thornton's apparent apathy, I'd say McLemore has to start now. Thornton's play may worsen b/c of it, but just bench his ass and play Jimmer as the backup 2. Or even Salmons.

Prince Luc and Outlaw can both play 3 and small 4. Salmons can play 3 and 2. Jimmer can play 1 and 2. Plenty of flexibility to rotate the wings w/o Thornton, while focusing on developing McLemore.
yeah, great interview. Love Malone. Yeah changes should be made. Not just Thornton looking bad, but Chuck Hayes has looked pretty lackadaisy at times too, which is surprising. JT has put forth the effort but has been pretty sloppy at times.

Given how the season going, I'd make these rotation adjustments:
- Cousins, 2Pat, Prince Luc, McLemore, Vasquez start
- JT, Outlaw, Salmons, Isaiah rotate in.
- Jimmer and Chuck here or there as needed. Maybe even McCallum Jr, he looked good in Summer League... >_>
- Landry for sure once he returns in a few months.
- Thornton gets the Gatorade for teammates.
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