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Default Re: olympics to add 3 on 3 basketball

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Winner's outs? 21 by 1s and 2s? Three point check back line? Check backs on steals? Check backs on airballs? Win by 2? Win by 2 or straight to 27?

Here are the major rules they used at the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore (where Three-a-side half-court basketball successfully debuted, according to the OPs article):
  • Only half of the basketball court is used for the game.
  • Each team consists of 3 players and 1 substitute.
  • Game time: Two 5-minute periods or a team scores 33 points or more, whichever comes first. If tied at the end of regulation, 2-minute overtimes are used until the tie is broken or a team reaches 33 points.
  • Team must attempt a shot for goal in 10 seconds.
  • Ball must be taken out of the 3-point line and touched by 2 teammates (ball receiver/dribbler and 1 other teammate) before a shot can be attempted.

EDIT: here is USAs team, which came in 4th. sketball


10 second shot clock? lol thats freaking awesome. thats a crazy fast-paced game.

And it looks like there is some kind of rule where you have to clear the ball back to the three point line. I hope its a check back on every possession. including steals and airballs.

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