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Default Re: Karl Malone on Dan Patrick Show "Charles is the 3d Best PF, Duncan is a Center...

Originally Posted by Round Mound
Malone is a Bit Overrated...He Definetly Played More Seasons at a Good Level than Barkley but He NEVER REACHED THE LEVEL OF PRIME BARKLY, EVER!

His Longevity and Stat Padding Looks Nice on Paper an To The Eye (More Numbers Give the Impression of Better) but One You Analyze PER, EFF, Ws Per 48 Minutes, WS etc He Is Below Barkley in Both Their Primes.

Also, Charles calls himself the 2nd Best PF Ever in the Previous Chat With Dan Patrick I Think You Can Also See It If You Click On It

I don't think Malone was a stat padder, but he did play in a system where a truly great player would rack up numbers. He was a finisher so absolutely ideal there.

I've heard Barkley make that claim. Barkley was easily the best who's played. I don't know how I should rank the top PF's on an all-time list tho. I have no problem with any of them being #1. Same even for KG, but I think his case is less obvious.
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