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Default Re: Replace Kobe with Melo in the 09 and 10 Finals.

Originally Posted by MellowYellow
How bout we go with the entire 08-09 playoffs

kobe 30 5 5 on 45/35/88
melo 27 6 4 on 45/36/83

Yep close enough, Lakers still win if they switched teams.

So Melo played almost as good against other competition.. And Kobe murked him head to head. Denver had a very good team around melo and it wouldn't have been enough to overcome Kobe taking over games way more than melo could.

It'd be like if you switched MJ and Clyde's teams.. Clyde would have a better second option now and MJ would have the more balanced stacked team but MJ would still crush Clyde and Portland would win
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