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Default Re: Teams you're rooting for in the Playoffs?

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I can't stand Chandler Parsons, as he gave full credit to himself on why Dwight signed with Houston. That after the signing, proclaimed that Houston is now a contender
Harden is a very good player who feeds on bad teams to foul him endlessly so he can go to the FT line 15 times/game, the main reason why Miami won their first ring. bec of his disapperance.
The coach I guess is a good guy, a Celtic by blood who gave away Garnett to Boston, so Boston get their only ring in this century (while serving as TWolves executive. The same guy who clotheslined Rambis in the 80'S.
Nope, I can't cheer for this team, Ill rather cheer for Memphis or OKC, heck even the Clips.

To be honest if it was simply because of the players I probably wouldn't be supporting Houston in the playoffs, Howard I enjoy watching as a player (Harden too not so much on defense), it's mainly because I've been a secondary fan of the team for awhile if you may but if I hadn't liked the team for basically over a decade I wouldn't have started now because of the players they have. James Harden really did cost them in the finals series he had a pretty decent series prior to the finals vs the Spurs in the conference finals but did cost them in the finals afterwards, he's a very good player and can heat up very quickly but sometimes his perimeter defense is rather shocking and he can shoot a lot especially of three's like the last game.

I don't really expect them to stick with McHale for that long I think his defense and rotations at times this season have been off, I think if they go out early in the playoff's a change of coach might be on the cards, some jobs are never too safe kind of how Jackson could well be on the hotseat already, if was down to purely players on the current teams as to who I'm going for in the playoffs I'd probably rather GSW because of how entertaining they are when their shots are going in.
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