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Default Re: Teams you're rooting for in the Playoffs?

Originally Posted by dd24
I lost all respect for Dwight. He's a diva that doesn't have his head on straight. I actually think he made a bad move. If he really wanted to win championships he would have stayed in LA. I hope he never gets a ring now.

I don't disagree that his attitude isn't the best at least so it seems it isn't, he didn't really get it done on the court for the Lakers you can be extroverted; funny and comical/outlandish kind of like Shaq was long as you put it all on the floor and you deliver, he didn't exactly do that so I don't disagree with him being a bit of a diva in attitude but I also don't think the Lakers treated him that well for someone they wanted to groom as a future franchise star considering the front office wanted to sign him to a max 4 year extension and the coach that he wanted to take his game to the next level I believe his comment was (Jackson) not just that they didn't really pursue Jackson (or it looked like they did but I doubt they really wanted him) but more so they went totally in the opposite direction in D'Antoni, along with coming off a back injury so expectations especially from me I was hoping for Orlando Dwight so I was disappointed with him but I also don't think it was purely Dwight's fault it was also lofty expectations coming off surgery that it's looking like athletically he will never be the same from again, him and Kobe weren't going to get along that well looking back (too opposite personalities, one rather introverted; serious and dedicated singular focus/mindset to winning compared to an extroverted goofball basically). I was disappointed with Dwight during his season with the Lakers but he was a free agent I can't begrudge a free agent to leaving when it is their choice and he is one of the best centers in the NBA it doesn't mean I have to like or agree with his personality or his attitude to enjoy watching him or his team play, personally anyway and that's just me.
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