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Default Re: Teams you're rooting for in the Playoffs?

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Oh, I am very well aware of the Duncan Tards. Having watched NBA basketball longer than anyone on ISH, I don't have him ranked anywhere near as high as younger people. IMO, there have been a ton of more impactful players.
I certainly give him credit for fundamentals and well as character.

I wouldn't mind Houston winning it either.

I can't stand Chandler Parsons, as he gave full credit to himself on why Dwight signed with Houston. That after the signing, proclaimed that Houston is now a contender
Harden is a very good player who feeds on bad teams to foul him endlessly so he can go to the FT line 15 times/game, the main reason why Miami won their first ring. bec of his disapperance.
The coach I guess is a good guy, a Celtic by blood who gave away Garnett to Boston, so Boston get their only ring in this century (while serving as TWolves executive. The same guy who clotheslined Rambis in the 80'S.
Nope, I can't cheer for this team, Ill rather cheer for Memphis or OKC, heck even the Clips.
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