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Originally Posted by tamaraw08
First of all, let me just say again that I too wouldnít pay Kobe more than 15 mil/year, maybe more if heíll agree with a 1 yr contract.
But I truly believe too Kobeís main priority is to feel valued and loved and that he wants to get paid top dollar from his past and future contributions to the team (including the tv deal).
We are all from the outside looking in and itís my theory that over the years that Mitch has gained a lot of respect from Kobe. That he is also convinced that Kupchak can find ways to make this team competitive inspite of Kobeís enomous contract.
Back in 2006, Kobe was heard on radio that heíll rather play in Pluto than come back to the Lakers. When Buss tried to oblige to that trade request, demanded Luol Deng in return, Kobe said NO!, as in Kobe is not crazy to go to a team without legit stars. Kobe was also caught on video making fun of Bynum, saying he wanted him traded for the aging Kidd. Mitch didnít and saw how Andrew developed and that same time drafted that very overweight and raw Marc Gasol,
Kupchak then managed to trade the very limited Kwame along with Marc for an allstar center in Pau. He also traded for Ariza and together with Kobe went to the finals in 2008 and 2009.
He then let Ariza go and acquire Metta who was very instrumental in their quest 2 years later. How many GMs actually can trade that much damaged Bynum for the best center in the league? If not for the self Proclaimed god/commissioner, Mitch could have flipped Marc to Pau into Chris Paul.
so when Kobe said "Its not my problem" I think he also meant that Mitch can figure things out

I'm not disagreeing with you it all does come down to perception, everyone is on the outside looking in afterall (as far as I know). I would probably agree with that, I think it's clear at least to me that he does want to feel valued, I think that can be reflected in some of his comments that he does want to still feel valued or still be treated as a superstar/given the respect he has earned type thing or some recognition for what he thinks all he has done for the franchise and it's his just payment. I was only 12/13 back in 2006 so I can't directly remember the radio comments hah, if required I can look them up I do remember reading about Kobe wanting Bynum traded for Kidd though can remember reading about that a few years ago, I'm certainly not doubting that he respects Kupchak I think he definitely does respect him, I just don't think Kupchak is someone that would be a big enough in terms of either reputation or charisma to be the person I'd pick to convince Kobe of a smaller contract, I'm not saying he's a bad GM but he's just not who I'd think would be able to try it, Kobe respects him but I don't think he'd be able to convince Kobe to take 10-15+ million less, Mitch has been very good at instrumenting trades and working out deals, I don't deny he's a good GM I never would, just seems a bit lacking in passion/charisma I suppose which may sound rather harsh but he seems to be more the backroom figure than someone like Riley over in Miami who just exudes charisma to me anyway just an aura, Bynum going and getting Howard had Bynum lived up to potential wouldn't have been that bad because Philly thought they were getting the second best center in the NBA it looked terrible for the Magic at the time but looking back now they got the best out of it, if the 3 players who swapped places in that trade or the big three who did in Iggy, Bynum and Howard been healthy and re-signed it would have been great for all 3 teams really was just good for the Magic in the end but it was a very good trade at the time and the Paul trade especially was great, whether it was right place right time or great management/acquiring of assets I think the front office deserves credit for that aspect and Mitch certainly.
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