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Default Re: 2013-2014 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
My random theory, other than that he might have been in trouble with Marquette's administration, is that he is treating it as a test run to prove he can coach in the ACC. He gets the chance to build the program a little, prove that he can recruit in ACC country, and put his coaching ability to display for UNC/Duke/Cuse in preparation for the string of retirements coming.

That seems plausible, but why not wait a year and see if a better "test run" opens up? VTech could be a career killer if he can't get his players to perform. Just seems like such a high risk for a reward that may have come to him coaching out of Marquette anyways.

I definitely think he deserves a shot at one of those jobs especially from what I've seen him do in like 6 or 7 seasons at Marquette.

On another note, like every year, Shaka Smart reported to be in high demand. An earlier report that surfaced claimed he was already confirmed as Marquette's new head coach. The report seems to have come from a student journalist trying to make a name for himself Also apparently turned down the Wake Forest job.

My conspiracy theory is Shaka is holding out for a job at Duke/UNC/Cuse as well. Probably wants the long term stability. Don't care for either of those teams per se, but I'm a fan of his coaching style and teaching philosophies off the court, would love to see him try and convince 5 star recruits to play as hard as they do at VCU.
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