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Default Re: How good was Duncan's post game in his prime?

Not a new thread but for sure Duncan's repertoire of post moves is versatile and balanced . He can score going to or away from the basket, go off the dribble, face up, shoot in the midrange, against double and triple teams, etc.

Won't be surprised if Duncan to younger fans becomes an underrated scorer, but like Warners0 has mentioned it was often by design and basically the fabric of the Spurs brand of basketball. He could have scored more but he played for a slow paced, grind em out team and it wasn't always what the team needed. He attracted so much attention even without scoring (Michael Finley may have been butt hurt over his end with the Mavs, but in his first season with SA he said (paraphrasing) that he had never played with a player that commanded so many double teams, in reference to Duncan).

Tim Duncan lead the Spurs in assists (5+ per game) in his second championship run and it's in his nature to make the right play. He has immaculate court vision for a big man... Having said that, his scoring and presence was dominant in his prime. If he was in his prime currently, he'd be the best player in the league IMO.

some of his scoring numbers:

30+ points --- ~120 games
25-29 points --- ~200 games
20-24 points --- ~300 games

Career high 53 points against Dirk's Mavs

27 ppg / 14 rpg averages in the 1999 Finals

37 pts / 16 rebounds to knock Shaq's Lakers out of the playoffs, ending their reign.
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