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Default Re: Unforgettable moments in your basketball life.

one of my unforgettable moments is playing basketball when I was 14, 2v2 full court against this guy and this girl who I think was a college player. She definitely had some belief in herself.

I don't really remember who won, but I still remember her getting out on the break (cuz cherry picking) and chasing her down... catching her shot clean off the backboard (the rims were a little low, maybe 9 3/4.

It was a funny moment cuz she was super pissed that some little kid smashed her shit, her friend was clowning her, and it led to my career as girl-match up. I don't really ball anymore, but even if I get together with just a few guys at a gym to clown around, half the time a girl shows up... and everyone is scared to guard her (cuz for some reason guys are scared to guard girls, both cuz they don't wanna get owned and because they are afraid to be kind of be physical with them.)

I'd have been a beast in the WNBA tho.

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