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Default Re: Game 7 Performances by All-Time Greats

Why must we be so subdivded here at ISH? Both LeBron and Kobe have faced the ultimate pressure of a game 7 in the Finals, and both came through with flying colors! Let's look "beyond the box score":

LeBron: Game 7 2013

A fine game by the "King". He had a PER™ score of 31 which falls into the VERY GOOD range.

Kobe: Game 7 2010

Big time game by the "Black Mamba". He had a PER score of 39 which falls into the SIMPLY OUTSTANDING range.

I know that LeBron is a competitor and he has many trips to the Finals in him yet, so I am hoping he will use Kobe's slightly superior game as motivation. How exciting for us!

Warmest regards,

Ayotunde Ndiaye
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