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Default Re: Post the dumbest things you've heard said on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by K Xerxes
^What's the agenda dude? it's not really fashionable to hate on Hakeem unless you have one... Like jlaubers strenuous Wilt > Kareem > Hakeem argument because of a couple of matchups when one was young and the other old.

Anyway, I've been through all this before. If you DONT believe Hakeem is top 10, you have no appreciation for context. As a player his ability stacks up with the greatest ever, it's not his fault his team was garbage for most of his career


Hakeem isn't top 10. Dream had good teammates through out his career. Hakeem style of play in his early years wasn't that smooth. The criticism that Dwight Howard have these days can be applied to Dream too. Dream was blackhole. He didn't pass for nothing and he wasn't a mental discipline player. Basically he was Rasheed Wallace nutcase type of player.

I mean Dream came into the NBA playing with a all-nba/all-star player and couldn't get out the first round against a .500 ball club. Plus with that same player lost against a under .500 ball club in 87. Plus in 92 he missed the playoffs while accused of faking an injury with an all-star player on his team.

Dream,Ewing, and Robinson all had similar built teams but Hakeem always get the "he didn't have enough help" excuse. Dream played with all-nba players, hall of famers while playing at all-star levels, all-defensive players. He had more than enough to win no need to use that excuse anymore.
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